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All these people were saying something that was much more important than “There is spiritual side to life.” They were saying, “There is hope. They can come to you and they can tell you that all is lost and that you are dead, you are trapped, and that there is no hope for you. They can come to you and say this, but this is not true. There is hope. You do go on living. This life is not all there is. There is some future life in which you can do better, succeed more worthily than you have.” That is all these men said.

Whatever trappings have been hung upon their words, we don’t care. Whatever technology they had has certainly been lost. Nevertheless, they did hand on this message to man. They said, “There is hope, you can be better. This life is not all there is, and somehow or another it is all going to come out all right in the end.” Without that hope, man could hardly have survived this far down the track.


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